Sunday, February 23, 2014

It's Been A While

Hi Everyone,

Sorry that I have neglected my Blog for the last 6 months - its not that we haven't been doing anything I just haven't had the time to put it on the blog :(

So now I have 6 Months to catch up on! Not all in one post though it will be gradual over a few posts.

The first one will be August until Christmas 2013.

After our lovely weekend with Rob & Marg in Port Douglas I started a new job at Chemist Warehouse in Innisfail - hence the no time part!

It is a great job & everyone there is really great to work with.

September was pretty uneventful just work & gardening, but Dave & I managed to have a weekend up at Lake Tinaroo - didn't catch any fish of course!

Lake Tinaroo

Across from our cabin

No Fish but plenty of Bundy!

October was very eventful, we brought a new (secondhand) car for me, a nice little one just to go to & from work - much cheaper on fuel than the cruiser.

We had a quick trip to Charters Towers to pick up the present I ordered Dave for Christmas:
A set of Genuine Texan Longhorns polished & Mounted.

Thanks to Michael - he did a fantastic Job!
Of course we caught up with friends Karen & Chris & Shantelle as we had to discuss arrangements for her wedding next month :)
Discussions over drinks of course!

November was a huge month, lots of phone calls, emails & stress organising the Wedding.
Shantelle & Peter decided to get married at the courthouse & have a garden reception - which Karen & Chris allowed us to use theirs, I am so glad they did imagine organising a big Wedding!

On the weekend before the big event Dave & I , Shantelle (Peter was away at work) Karen & Chris all met up in Townsville to do some speed shopping including the dress! Which we managed to accomplish in record time.
That night we attending the PBR at the Townsville Entertainment Centre:

 It was a great night & we all enjoyed the Rodeo.

Next day, they all returned to Charters Towers while we spent an extra day in Townsville - To recover!

The Wedding was on Wednesday & Tuesday night we all went to the Enterprise Hotel for a meal & to
De-Stress. But that didn't happen as it was pouring rain - not good for a Garden Reception!!!!

But on the day the weather couldn't have been more perfect. Shantelle looked beautiful & everything came together just as planned:

Peter Kyle & Shantelle Parker

Mr & Mrs Peter Kyle!

Clearly Happy :)


Karen & Chris did a fantastic Job

The decorations were beautiful

 Thanks again to Karen & Chris we could not have done this without you xx.

Shantelle's Mum's - winding down!

Next day was clean up & back home & off to work. The newly weds spent a few days in Townsville.

December was extremely busy at work so not much time for anything except that & keeping the garden in order - everything grows so fast up here.

Christmas was very quiet as we both worked.
So thats all for this post. I will get a start on the next post soon to get my blog up to date.

Cheers & Happy Travels Shell.

P.s. Hoping to actually get the van out further than the driveway this year - been having trouble with the charger.