Saturday, January 26, 2013

Short Update!

Hi All,

Well we survived our first "Big Wet" Lots of rain. I put up a 150mm Rain Guage - that filled up in a day & then it was too wet to go out & empty it!

It certainly poured:

No view at all
Puddles forming everywhere

But now all is back to normal:

Our beautiful view is back

All the puddles are gone!
Life in the "Wet Tropics" is great!

Dave has got a job, he is working fly in fly out to the Tanami Desert. 2 weeks on 2 weeks off - great roster for touring around.

Well I just thought I would check in, hope everyone had a great Australia Day.
Cheers Shell

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Our Year In Photos 2012

Well it's a bit late this year, but here is our year in Photo's. It has been another huge one seeing us travel to America again & purchasing a house in Qld - didn't see that coming at the beginning of the year!

December 2011

We had a very quite Christmas in Esperance, then straight back to Kalgoorlie as Dave had to go back to work.

Beautiful Scenery but rather cool weather!

I didn't have to go back to work for a week so I drove to Mandurah to visit our girls.

That's when our eldest Daughter Bec told me " Merry Christmas & you are going to be a Grandma"!!!!!!!!!!
Wow, that was a surprise! She was 3 months pregnant & the baby was due on my birthday July 14!
Of course after the initial shock there were cheers & cuddles all round - What a Christmas present!
Dave flew down on his break so we could all have a couple of days together.

Then it was back to Kalgoorlie to work for both of us!

January 2012:

Pretty hot in Kal didn't do too much, but I did enjoy Australia Day in the Caravan Park:

I won $100 voucher for "dressing up"!

with good friends

We did however meet a lovely couple who we visiting town & staying  in the Caravan Park They had a Spinifex Van so we went over to say hi. We have kept in touch & become very good friends - Rob & Marg

February 2012:

We had a few trips to Perth & Mandurah this month were we caught up with our girls:

Teigz & Aaron

Shaun & Bec - & Baby Bump

March 2012:

We  went to the Caravan & Camping show in Perth & caught up with Rob & Marg again.

Cheryl & Tony joined us as well, we had a great night out!
a MUCH needed Big Breakfast the next morning
How's this

Tuck In!
April 2012:

This month was full on as we were packing up & getting ready for another trip to America.
I left work at the Deli in Kal & had a wonderful farewell party ( Cocktails) with the girls!

How did they know I like Bundy?

We started pulling down the Annexe:

I gave it all a good wash down

Lots of red dirt!

Then I went to Mandurah for a week to see the girls & help Bec organize her baby shower.
We had a baking day!

Lots of goodies!

The baby shower was down by the beach & a beautiful day:

Lots of prezzies for Bub

A great day!
After a lovely week with the girls it was time to head back to Kal, so we had a farewell dinner.

Back in Kalgoorlie we continued to pack up - being settle for almost a year we had way to much stuff!
We had been invited to a Fancy dress birthday party at Toodjay so we decided to take the van as a pre-trip test. All went well & the party was great.

May 2012:

Well the countdown was over, time to leave Kal & head over to Brisbane.
We decided to go across on the Great Central Road from Laverton to Ayers Rock (Ulluru).
It was a great trip, lots of wildlife!


The Olga's

Wild Horses

Then it was onto Ayers Rocks - Dave climbed it again - I chickened out again!

Beautiful Ayers Rock!

Dave heading off - first one there!

On the Top!

From there it was onto Mt Isa to meet up with friends Lyall & Trish
Lyall, Trish, Dave, Shell, Carol & Tom - All Spinifex Owners!
Then Charters Towers to see our Daughter Shantelle:

& our friends Chris & Karen

Then down to Brisbane where we caught up with my sister Kaye & her partner Sue,

Then we  left the van at the Spinifex Factory for some mods & put the car in storage before heading off to America for 3 months!

June 2012:

For anyone that wants to see the whole trip here is the link to our first post on our old blog:

Well back in America! Didn't think it would happen so soon but hey Life's short so "Live It"
We landed in L.A. spent the night then flew to Florida.
We picked up a hire car & spent a few days exploring Miami & then onto Orlando
The Gators

The Everglades

Miami Beaches
Universal Studios Orlando

Disneyland Orlando

Dave was stuck up in that carriage for 40 mins!

Then we drove to Nashville:

At the Grand Ole Opry

Dave & Elvis!

Street Parade

We loved Nashville last time so we just had to go again it is a really great place & the Opry is fabulous!

From here we flew to Denver to see our friends Jas, Jo & kids Jacob & Isabelle. From here on in it was all driving!

Jacob showing Dave how to catch!

Isabelle teaching me Ballet!

We took Jacob to our favourite store

Outdoor World - his favourite to now!
Time to head off again, this time to Yellowstone National Park:



Then we drove to Yosemite National Park more beautiful scenery:

July 2012:

We made our way to Vegas for July 4th - Love Vegas!

Love all the lights

For the next 2 weeks we toured around Utah's Canyons:

Then it was back through Colorado to South Dakota- Greenery again & wildlife!



Buffalo at Custer State Park

Bear USA Park

Bears at Bear USA Park

Our big news this month was our Grandaughter Ruby Jayne Collard was born:

Bec & Ruby

We spent another week in Denver with Jas, Jo & Kids:
Dave & Isabelle dancing

Jacob playing Baseball

Isabelle & Jas
Aussie Barbie in Denver!

Kids in the Kitchen

August 2012:

After a great week with Jas & Jo we headed off to Texas.
We spent 1 night in Amarillo & met a lovely American lady - Katie, travelling alone so we asked her to join us for dinner. We went to the Big Texan & had a great night:

The Margarita's were flowing!

Us & Katie

They played Margaritaville!!!
Then it was onto Fort Worth for a fun packed few days:


Dallas Cowboys Stadium

We left Texas & headed back to Colorado & spent a few day in Colorado Springs:
Dave & I actually went horse riding!

Went on a Cog Wheel Train to Pike's Peak Elevation - 14,110ft!

It was extremely cold!

We visited the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo:

Well our American Journey was over & it was time to get back to Oz.
We landed in Brisbane & Dave picked up our car & we went to  Motel & slept for hours! That flight really takes it out of you!

We picked up the van the next day with all our mods done:

12 volt fans fitted

Leather lounge

Steps beside the bed

We took the van to Lawnton Showgrounds for a few days & Kay & Sue came up for the weekend. We all had a good time.

Dave had to fly back to work, but this swing he was flying from Brisbane so we took the van to a caravan park where I stayed until Dave flew back. We did manage to fit in a trip to Australia Zoo before he left though. We really enjoyed our day there:

                   & Catch up with Friends Mike & Kerry,
We had a lovely catch up & lunch together.

Thinking of you guys - Dave & Shellxx

Then Dave flew back to work & I waited in Brisbane till he returned, then we had to drive to Adelaide where we would stay a while as Dave was going to fly in & out to Kalgoorlie 9 days on 5 days off.

September 2012:

We drove to Adelaide in 3 days - a bit of a rush so Dave could get back to work!

Lots of White Lines!

But good Free Camps - Bullon QLD

Great Sunsets!

We arrived in Adelaide & set up at a caravan Park - didn't pick a good one as it was a "Dog Park" I think we were the only ones without a dog & the smell & noise was too much so we left there next time Dave came home & moved to the beach.
It was a great park & lovely managers, but I have to say I didn't like Adelaide much. It was way to windy & cold for me. So didn't do too much this month - but freeze!

This was our site we only had the awning out for a couple of weeks as the wind tore it!
October 2012:

We planned a trip to Cairns, 2 reasons - 1 Rob & Marg were up there & 2 we wanted to look for a house - somewhere warm!
We flew up for 3 days it was so nice up there, we had a good catch up with Rob & Marg:

A few quite drinks!

& we found the perfect house at
Etty Bay - 5 minutes from Innisfail.

We loved it!
It was very hard to leave & fly back to cold Adelaide - But we knew we would be back at the end of the month for settlement!

Then Dave's next break we had a family re-union planned in Mandurah. Shantelle & her Fiancee Peter were flying over from Charters Towers & we were all going to finally meet Ruby!
Dave & I drove - we left the van as it was quicker that way, & we would have a car when we got there.

Pop, Nana & Ruby

Shantelle & Peter

Pop gets a cuddle!

Bec, Me Ruby, Dave Shantelle & Teigan

Aaron & Teigz

The extended Family


So Cute!

Proud Parents Bec, Shaun & Ruby

It was so good to all be together again - it hadn't happened for a long time!
Before long it was time to drive back to Adelaide.
Then on Dave's next break we flew to Cairns again for the settlement of our house.
The weather was perfect again & everything went through perfectly & we got our furniture delivered while we were there - finally out of storage!

Then we flew back to Adelaide so that Dave could go to work - we thought!
Then next day Dave was made redundant!!!!!!!!!!(Shit)!
We were expecting it - but we thought it would be after Christmas!

Oh well we got to drive back to our house earlier! So on November 23rd we headed out of Adelaide & we decided to take our time & call in on a few friends along the way..
We stopped at Dubbo City Caravan Park to visit our friends Tracey & Dave who manage the park, great park if you are in the area drop in a say Dave & Shell sent you :)

We called into Maroochydore where Rob & Marg where staying

Life On Easy Street - funny coz we were all not working!!
 Then we headed off towards Bundaberg - had to call into the Bundy Factory:

This would look good out the front of our new home :)

Then on to Charters Towers to we caught up with Shantelle for the weekend just relaxing before heading HOME!
We are now only 4 1/2 hours from Shantelle - she is happy about that!

December 2012:

We pulled into the driveway of our new home on Dec 3rd, very excited!

There hadn't been any rain for a few weeks so everything was really dry.

So we started watering to green it up a bit:

Before we knew it it was Christmas. Dave & I just had a quite day by ourselves & Shantelle & Peter came up for a few days on Boxing day.

We all had a great time Eating, Drinking, Touring & Chillin out!

Good Times!

We have settled into our new home & absolutely love the area. We have have some much need rain so everything is green - our garden looks fabulous!

We both get plenty of practice on the ride-on lawn mower!

& gardening:

But we wouldn't have it any other way - we love the lifestyle up here & we have amazing sunsets that we can see from our front yard:

Well everyone,
That was our amazing year - took me another 3 days!
But it is great to look back over, I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as we did living it :)
We hope you all have a wonderful year jam packed with adventures.
Cheers Dave & Shell