Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cape Crawford to Darwin

Hi Everyone,
Well we left Cape Crawford & headed towards Daly Waters - pretty uneventful trip good road though.
We got to the Hi-Way Inn Petrol Station on the Stuart Hwy - wow caravans everywhere!!
We fueled up & headed off to Katherine.
We were actually surprised how many vans were heading south.
We arrived in Katherine at about 3pm, called into the woollies supermarket to stock up.
Then we proceeded to the Low Level Caravan Park for the night.
Great park, lots of space & very green:

We were even allowed to wash the van & car!

Much Better
We headed off the next morning towards Adelaide River. We stopped at Hayes creek as Dave had arranged for a sparky to check our batteries as they weren't holding their charge - hence the no free camping!

Bad news, 1 battery is stuffed & its draining the other 2! So we need 3 more batteries  - bloody great!

Well onto Adelaide River, Dave was catching up with an old work mate.
Lovely little caravan park behind the pub. Very nice Barra Burgers at the pub :)
Great park, caught up on the washing

& Blogging!
It was a short walk to the river,

Beautiful spot!

Then onto Darwin, here we are set up at Lee Point Caravan Park:

Now the fun begins catching up with friend & Sightseeing.
Till next post 
Cheers Shell


  1. Hi Shell and Dave.

    Blimey, you are in Darwin already. Must have been low flying. On your way back check out Bundy Station at Adelaide River, very rustic. The Douglas Daly CP at Daly River is also a great spot.

    Bad luck about the batteries, these things have a way of putting spokes in the wheels. WE are experts at it.

    Keep in touch and safe travels.

    P and W

  2. HI Guys,
    thanks for the comment. Yes in Darwin but playing the waiting game now for the batteries, as it was several hundred $$ cheaper to order them online! Now we are waiting till they arrive.
    Did have a great lunch today at the Humpty Doo Pub :)

    Cheers Shell

  3. Hi Guys

    Those blasted batteries, we are on our 3rd set - you wonder what goes on at times, I think its a conspiracy to simply empty our pockets. Let us know what type you have ordered for future reference. Cheers...

  4. Hi Mike & Kerry,
    Still waiting on the batteries to arrive. Will let you know after we get them.
    Cheers Shell


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