Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Hi Everyone,
Just thought I would check in & give you all an update on whats happening with us,
After getting back from Darwin we settled back into our beautiful home
It rained pretty much all of the first week so we took advantage of that & visited some local Waterfalls.

First stop Paronella Park:

then we decided to drive up to Millaa Millaa & check out the falls there:

A great way to spend a rainy day!

We also spent a few days in Cairns - after the rain stopped. It was beautiful weather. the view from our motel was magic:

Dave finally got word on the job he was waiting for & he flew off to work. It is 8 days on 6 days off, flying to central QLD. So that was a relief.

So now just settling back into normal life at home, the weather has been beautiful, I woke up to this view this morning:

Just Magic!

Well that's all our news for now :)

cheers & Happy Travels 


  1. I'm jealous!!!!!!!!boo hoo!!!!! I want to come home.

    Hey Shell want to hear something funny. We are off to Melbourne on the 4th of July. Looked at my wardrobe, 2 pairs of board shorts, 3 t'shirts, and a pair of things. Do you think I will survive (he he!!!)


  2. Hi Paul,
    No I think you might freeze!!!!!!!!!
    Good Luck guys, have fun
    Shell xx

  3. Hullo Shell,

    We will be in your neck of the woods in early August. OK if we call in?


  4. Hi Stephen & Robyn,
    Sure1 Having visitors 15 - 23 but before or after that is great :)
    The Bar isn't done though yet :(


  5. Don't worry about the bar, I want to see Dave's SHED !!

    Cheers, thanks


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