Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hayes Creek Caravan Park

Well we got to Hayes Creek at about 3pm, after catching up with Dave's mate in Adelaide River & then of course we had to stop at the Pub for another Barra Burger :)

We set up camp:
Beautiful little C/Park - lots of shade & green grass~

On Wednesday Dave set off for work bright & early - the Mine is just 10 minutes up the road.
I caught up on the washing & was reading the paper after lunch when I heard a crackling noise, there was a fire in the bush behind us - but no need to panic in the NT they burn off alot it is called a "Cool Burn"
But I got some good photo's:

On Thursday I walked down to the creek where there is a beautiful little swimming hole, another great photo opportunity

The swimming hole

Beautiful running creek

The Water was so clear

& Dave thought I would be bored here!

We went up to the roadhouse for dinner on Thursday night - the meal was fabulous! I had Barra, chips & Salad & Dave had Snitzel with Hawaiian Topping, chips & salad:

Dave's job has been extended until next week so we had the weekend off.
Saturday we drove up to Darwin to do some groceries.
We stopped at the Fred's Pass Markets & got a few souvenirs & gifts for friends.
Then drove onto Coolalinga to do the food shopping - Boring!
We didn't get back to camp until about 4.30, so it was a pretty long day.
Sunday was much more relaxing, Dave cooked us a lovely Bacon & Egg Breakfast & then we packed a picnic lunch & headed off for the day.
We drove to the Daly River Crossing, it was closed but the river was beautiful:

Beautiful  river

The closed crossing

Definitely worth the drive

Daly River
Then we drove back to the Douglas Daly Region. We called into the Douglas River hot springs:

Dave heading down first

Douglas River
there wasn't anywhere there to have a picnic so we went to the Douglas Daly Resort & spoke to the lady in the Caravan Park, who was very helpful & told us we could drive through the park then down to the river as there are quite a few camping spots there & as long as no-one was there we could use them!
So off we went & we chose camping spot number 6 and walked down to the river with our lunch & sat by the rapids - very nice!

So peaceful

Dave threw a line in but no luck!

Then we drove down a bit further to the Arches to take some photo's:

another great spot

Then it was back to camp, for a rest :)

Dave worked through until Wednesday night & we are leaving tomorrow morning heading for home.
Until our next post,
Cheers & happy travels,

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Our Last Days in Darwin

Early Morning at Lee Point Beach
Well for those of you that don't know, we were going to spend 3 months in Darwin as Dave was going to fly direct to the mine from here. But less than a week before this much planned trip Dave's Mine went into Care & Maintenance, so he was out of a job!
It was very unexpected & hardly any notice at all. We decided to still bring our van up to Darwin & Catch up with our friends as planned, but obviously not staying for 3 months.

Anyway enough about that, we have really enjoyed being up here & catching up with our friends & visiting all our favourite places.

Friday we went on a Mitchell St Pub Crawl with Jack & Si ( Si was the designated driver ) First stop Was   The Ducks Nuts yes that is the name & we had a lovely lunch there,then onto The TapThe Wisdom BarMonsoons & finishing at the The Deck Bar. Now those of you that know Darwin will know that we only accomplished 1 side of the road, But it was a very hot day & we had more than 1 drink per pub so we were well & truly ready to go home.
Si & Jack

Saturday, we were a bit slow, but we still got up at 7am & went for our morning walk :) & just potted around the van all morning. We went to the Cas Club for lunch & won $20 bucks on the pokies :)

Sunday, we caught up with friends Jenny & Steve. We had run into them at a camping shop here in Darwin, they used to be our neighbours in Kalgoorlie -small world!

Steve & Jenn

We were hoping to catch up with Kathy & Dean Sunday arvo but they were busy so we decided to do some sight seeing:

We went out to Stokes Hill Wharf:

Talk about small world - that was our friend Grant waving in the boat as I was taking the picture!
Then we drove to East Point:

Then to Nightcliff:

The weather got real steamy & windy. the clouds were pretty threatening too:

So we decided to head back to the van.
Of course there was no rain!

Sunday night we had a few drinks with Jack & Si, just a few :)

Monday we caught up with some very dear friends that used to live behind us at Lee Point Many years ago.

Les & Suzie

Les & Suzie have been living on their Yacht & were currently moored off Stokes Hills Wharf so we met them on the wharf & had a lovely lunch of locally caught Barra & salad  a great catch up chat.
So sad we only got to see them for a short time.

Dave had organised 3 days work so we we were leaving Darwin on Tuesday.

We had our last dinner Back at the wharf with Jack & Si, it was the last day of their break as well.

Another lovely meal & good chat:

Jack, Si ,Me & Dave

So we packed up & Left Darwin first thing Tuesday Morning & Headed to Hayes Creek, which is really just a roadhouse & Big 4 Caravan Park.
But that will be in the next update!

So cheers & Happy Travels,

Friday, May 17, 2013

Another Fun Packed week in Darwin

Nightcliff Beach

Well after the Caravan Show we drove to Nightcliff & had a lovely lunch at the Beachfront Hotel.

Then back to then van & I caught up with the blog. 3 hours later, is was time to get ready to go to the Rodeo.

We were surprised how many people were there it was packed:

This is just a quarter of the arena.
As I found out in America it is very hard to take photo's of a Rodeo, but here are a few that weren't too bad:

She was so little

Ride' Em Cowboy!!
Sunday was Mother's day, so Dave said it was my choice :)
We drove into Darwin City & had lunch & then walked along Mitchell St checking out all the shops - no not buying lots, just looking!
Then we went to Sky City Casino & donated about $30!
We walked out on the back lawn to look at the beach:

Beautiful Gardens
Then we went to Mindil Markets:

Lots of stalls & things to see.
Then home to rest!

Monday was not very pleasant as I had to go to the dentist to fix a loose cap - Money & Pain, not a good combo!
Tuesday we had to wait for the batteries to be delivered so we caught up on washing & cleaning.
The batteries arrived around lunchtime so Dave fitted them - hopefully all set now for free camping :)

Tuesday arvo we caught up with our close friends Jack & Si, although it was only a brief visit as they had just finished night shift & we heading off to sleep :)

Tuesday night we met up with Kerry & Grant  at the Tracy Village Club, we had a lovely meal there.

Wednesday we drove out to do the Adelaide River Jumping Croc Cruise - very good!

Our Boat

very keen to jump

Look at those Teeth!

It was a beautiful day, lots of Crocs & Birds:

quite a few road trains on the road out there too:

We really enjoyed ourselves - well worth the visit!

Wednesday night we had a lovely BBQ dinner & caught up with Jack & Si as we did Thursday night as well:

Great friends great times :)
That will do for now as this post is getting too long,

Cheers till next time,