Saturday, April 6, 2013

Checking In

Top Tourist Park - Charters Towers
Hi Everyone,
Sorry it has been a while but just been doing stuff around the house so no travels.
But we did manage a short trip at Easter. We took the van down to Charters Towers to see our daughter Shantelle & fiancee Peter. We had a great weekend & practically had the park to ourselves, tucked away in the corner it was our own "Party Central"

As we had used to live there we had pretty much done all the tourist stuff but we did go up to the look out:
Lookout View Of Charters Towers

We also went to the Movies to see "A Good Day to Die Hard" It was excellent, action packed from start to finish :)
Now we are back at home getting ready for our next adventure, we are heading up to Darwin at the end of April for a few months, really looking forward to that.
We should have a few interesting posts from up there - so much to see & do!

On the house front we have got the shed built now, very happy with that:

Plenty of room for van, car & extra's :)

We love it up here everything is so green the only thing we really have to do is mow the lawn, the easy life.

Well that's all our news for now,
Cheers & Happy Travels,


  1. Hi Stephen & Robyn,
    Thanks for the comment - Yes Dave loves his shed!
    Took him a long time to get one that big :)

    Cheers Shell

  2. That shed is simply superb and the area looks great - beats Kalgoorlie..Don't know how you could leave it so soon. But, you do have to use the seasons up Darwin way so completely understand.

  3. Hi Mike & Kerry,
    Thanks for the comment, Dave loves his shed :)
    Yes it was hard to leave but we know we have it to go back too. We haven't had a base in about 5 years. Hope all is well with you both, cheers Dave & Shell


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