Sunday, April 21, 2013

Day out In Innisfail

Innisfail - Feast of the Senses Fair
Hi Everybody,
Just had a wonderful morning out with our neighbours Tash & Marty & their two little boys Kai & Beau.

We went to the Innisfail " Feast Of The Senses" Fair, Lots of food from all over Spain, Italy,Germany Etc.
Heaps of stalls as well selling a variety of things from plants to Jewelry
Lots of people

Dancing Banana

Perfect Weather

A rock climbing wall

Kai & Beau had their faces painted

Pelican & Kai
We then went to Warrina Lakes to feed the geese:

Marty & Kai feeding the geese

Beautiful Water Lillies

Then the boys had some fun in the playground:

Dave is at work so he missed all the fun :)
Cheers Shell


  1. Hi Shell

    Good to see you are blogging again, miss ya big smiles. You must be getting ready for the big trip to Darwin. Look forward to your travels.

    Keep in touch

    P & W

  2. Hi Paul & wendy,
    Thanks for viewing :)
    Yes we are getting excited now head off on Thursday :)

    Will send you an E-mail,
    Cheer Shell

  3. What awesome pics...
    Those kids look like
    In the photo...

  4. Thanks Marty,
    Yeh all kids are Angels in photo's :)
    But your kids are pretty good, remember they are only kids for a short time,
    Cheers Shell


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